a new book!

i just got back from a cruise with my whole family. it was so relaxing and fun — just what i needed.

while I was away, my new book came out. so yes, kinda like brothers is available right now! I’m really, really excited, especially since this is my first middle-grade novel, and i love these characters so much!

i was also interviewed on npr’s all things considered last weekend. if you missed it, you can listen to it here.


One thought on “a new book!

  1. okay i am i am so sad this book is over it olny took me 1 day to read cause i was not putting it down so plzz plzzz make this a book series plzzz i loved it so much and thinking bout reading it agin but it so meaningful even though i dont relate i feel like i can though for some reason but i really just got on here to tell u and ask u to plz make this a series and plzz and tell u i love this book.

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